Thank you so much for your interest in providing a workshop, class, or other special event at the Pyramid. It is our mission to provide our community with a wide array of enriching wellness offerings, as well as to provide a positive venue for practitioners and instructors to offer their events. The Pyramid is a community hub where people can share their knowledge and areas of expertise through workshops and presentations that are in alignment with our overall purpose. To facilitate a smooth proposal process, we offer the following guidelines:

1. Our standard screening process includes asking you to submit a proposal form and share your résumé and credentials with us.

2. Due to the number of requests we receive, please fill out the appropriate forms completely before contacting us. If you have questions about the process, please do not hesitate to e-mail Thank you for understanding that we cannot have meaningful conversations about your workshop or special event without being able to review your application first; that said, please talk with us after completing these preliminary steps, and please do not just drop by. Although we want to hear about you and your work, impromptu meetings are difficult during the course of our scheduled work days. Please allow up to ten days for us to review your proposal so that we may give it adequate consideration.

3. Workshops and special events are chosen based on many factors, including the extent to which the event and its facilitator align with the Pyramid purpose and philosophy, availability of space, level of experience and expertise of the presenter, and similarity to other offerings we currently or recently have offered.

4. The Pyramid gives priority to facilitators who are not just trying to promote themselves, but want to help the Pyramid and its customers, creating a harmonious, mutually-beneficial relationship.

5. Workshops and special events must be related to holistic wellness.

6. The Pyramid will not approve events designed to promote multi-level marketing products.

7. If approved, the Pyramid will promote your event on our Facebook page, website events page, in our e-mail newsletter, and on our in-house marketing materials and handouts. The Pyramid cannot guarantee a set number of participants or accept responsibility for the marketing of your event. We encourage your own marketing efforts, in addition to ours, to deliver a successful event.

8. The Pyramid has standard room use, credit card processing fees (if you want us to accept payments for you), and other policies related to the financial aspects of offering a workshop. Upon submitting your proposal, we can share more details of these with you.

9. While the Pyramid does carry general liability insurance, we recommend that each presenter also carry personal liability insurance when appropriate, listing the Pyramid as a covered location.

For any questions about these policies, please e-mail We look forward to working with you to create a positive, successful event!

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