Chakras are energy centers/wheels in each part of the body and are responsible for taking in, incorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels. Keeping these energetic pathways cleansed and activated is important for enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

The chakra balancing session is a form of healing energy work that focuses on channeling energy into your seven chakras to bring them into alignment and balance. This session utilizes tuning forks, sound and hands on energy work, leaving you feeling balanced, relaxed, and with a sense of overall well being. Crystals corresponding to each chakra will be placed underneath the table to amplify and enhance the energy work.

Prior to session, we will discuss areas you would like to work on emotionally, physically and spiritually and any possible blockages needing attention. You will take home a chakra chart giving you a list of oils, stones and seed mantras, you can use to further work with your chakras at home.


60 min         $85