Edfu Egyptian Temple

Edfu Temple brings the magic of ancient Egypt to life using the alchemy of the senses and vibratory fields of energy for a transformative healing experience.

Edfu Temple is a unique multi sensory immersive wellness  experience for Vibrational Alignment, Deep Relaxation, Healing and Peace.

Original MUSIC soundtrack, "Heaven on Earth" by Navaz creates a sound cocoon of peace to initiate healing. It's programmed with frequencies to balance your chakras and ease your heart and mind.

Relax on VIBROACOUSTIC treatment tables that allow you to translate the sound you hear into sound you can feel inducing a deep state of relaxation and stress relief.

CRYSTAL ENERGY radiating from a Quartz crystal to support personal growth by amplifying the subtle energies that flow inside you and align you to a higher state of consciousness and well being.

Aromatic SCENT OF KYPHI, an ancient Egyptian incense, is infused into the air to soothe anxieties and open the gates of your imagination and visions.

CHROMOTHERAPY in a nine foot dome ceiling uses color to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony.

MAGNETS under the tables help in restoration of cellular balance and stimulate the body to heal naturally by creating a magnetic field near the body which brings it back into alignment.

1 Hour Session - $55 / person

A Space for Healing

Edfu Temple like its namesake in Egypt was created as a space for alchemical healing, peace, alignment and connection. The future of our wellbeing is rooted in the ancient wisdom of the past. Edfu uses Energy ~ Frequency ~ Vibration in new, yet ancient ways to help us connect with our true light filled self, inner wisdom and naturally abundant healing nature. Edfu Temple brings the magic of ancient Egypt to life, using the alchemy of the senses and vibratory fields of energy, for a Transformative Healing Experience.

Symbolism in Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple in Egypt

The inspiration for this room came from a journey to the temple of Edfu in Egypt, where people pilgrimaged to each year for healing. It was built in 237 and 57 BC and is the best preserved ancient monument in Egypt. It's considered the Temple of Horus.

Horus Egyptian God

Horus is the Egyptian sky God and the divine child of Isis & Osiris.The eye of Horus symbol represents protection, health and restoration. His right eye was the sun and whose left eye was a moon, representing balance between the masculine & feminine. Horus was depicted as a man with a hawk head.

Hathor - Egyptian Goddess

Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of Joy, Love, Beauty, Music and represents divine feminine energy. She was also associated with motherhood and being the Goddess of the heavens,crossing boundardies between worlds. She was a sky deity and consort of Horus.

Arkansas Quartz Crystal

This special 350lb quartz crystal cluster is from the Phantom Crystal mine in Mount Ida Arkansas, which it is said the Earths heart meridian runs through. These crystals have powerful healing energy and hold Atlantis crystalline energy for transformation and peace. After your session, you may take a small piece of Mount Ida crystal charged in Edfu Temple to carry the energy of the room home with you. 

Star Ceiling

This ceiling star design was on many of the temples in Egypt. Edfu Temple has over 850 hand-painted stars on the ceiling. The Egyptians believed that when you died you returned to your home in the stars and therefore this design served as that reminder. 

Scarab Beetle

The scarab beetle was seen as an attractor of good fortune and protection. It was a symbol of immortality, resurrection and transformation. The scarab is a powerful ally for creation and metamorphosis in your life.