Immersion Meditation Rooms

The Immersion Meditation Rooms were created as a meditative environment to tune into your own inner wisdom, using the alchemy of light, sound, color and vibration for a personal journey within. Each meditation room uses vibrational energy as a way to help align the body, calm the mind and expand the soul. The immersion rooms are meant to help you connect to your own innate wholeness, abundance and provides the energy of empowerment & support on your own life journey.​

Light and sound are ancient ways of perceiving and receiving information that extends beyond the five senses. Allow your mind to be still and absorb everything around you. Give yourself permission to release control and just be.​

Sit back, relax and embark on a path of healing frequencies, of peace, meditation, images, colors, textures, binaural beats, music and vibrations to reach the deepest parts of you in a sacred meditation room.. Allow the healing frequencies to guide you along a very personal path to experience connections and enhance your well-being in whatever way is best for you.​​

With eight different options, we have a meditation room to fit intention, frequency and energy. Each meditative journey is an hour-long session for $18 dollars, except for the Amethyst Biomat and Edfu Temple.

With eight different options, we have a meditation room to fit your intention and support your wellness goals.