Himalayan Zen Salt Garden

The Pyramid Salt Cave was the first public salt cave built in the US over twelve years ago. The Pyramid is once again forging forward creating the next evolution of a salt cave which we are describing as a “Zen Salt Garden”. This new salt environment was designed by several creative artisans synergizing their many talents and ideas to create a special one of a kind space to relax in.

The Zen Salt Garden is crafted of natural materials, beautiful vintage carvings and artwork, and has over 17,000 lbs of Himalayan Salt. With its expansive glowing fireplace wall, large fiber optic night sky and nature elements, you can relax in a peaceful courtyard like space receiving the many benefits of the Himalayan salt. The Zen Salt Garden was meant to evoke the feelings of peace, love, expansiveness and connection to nature. The powerful combination of the energy, intention, environment and sound creates an opportunity to get into a deeply meditative state of awareness and healing. Let the sounds and environment transport you to your own inner Zen sanctuary.

During your “salt cave” session, recline in zero gravity chairs or choose the nook with the lounge chairs, marvel at the night sky, listen to a special new soundtrack created for the space and breathe in the many benefits of the salt environment. We consider our Zen Salt Garden a “Relaxation Chamber for Body and Soul!” Come experience the Pyramid’s newest immersion wellness room!

The Pyramid “Zen Salt Garden” is open every day during regular business hours. The salt garden sessions run every hour on the hour and seats up to 9 people at a time. While we do welcome walk-ins, reservations are always recommended to ensure a seat is available.

 The Zen Salt Garden session is $18.00 per person and lasts one hour.

 Private Salt Garden rental is $130. for up to 9ppl;  $140 for 10ppl.

You can have your massage or other wellness service in the Salt Garden for an additional $100. up charge.

Artist: Navaz | Song: Now and Again | Album: Yuan  |


About the Zen Garden Music

The music was inspired and created for the room by “navaz” composed, arranged, performed and edited by William Kelley. The soundtrack is titled “Yuan” which is Chinese for the Sanskrit word, “karma.” Although many people think of karma as a universal justice system of punishing us for our past wrongs, the original Sanskrit meaning was much different… action, result, connection, and reason. This powerful soundtrack is not just a contrast of old and new, but East and West, fast & slow, and soft and loud. Some believe that this contrast creates the perfect environment for healing. Feel into the sounds and let them take you to that peaceful place within.

What are the benefits of a salt cave?

The Himalayan salt is the anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and contains 84 minerals and trace elements that the body needs. The benefits of salt therapy are wide-ranging. Salt levels affect our cell activity, energy and blood sugar levels. Scientists are studying the release of negative ions from the salt which acts as a natural detoxifier. In other parts of the world, salt cave therapy, also known as speleotheraphy is used to treat a variety of medical conditions. The calming and detoxifying affects can support the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. Additional benefits are reduced stress and headaches, increased energy and better sleep patterns. Salt ions purify the air and may reduced physical ailments.

  • Dry salt air is more powerful than moist air, and the negatively charged ions found in salt are believe to help improve overall health and mood.

  • The calming and detoxifying effects of salt therapy are believed to help manage illnesses involving the immune nervous and lymphatic systems.

  • Breathing in dry salt particles during a trip to the salt cave is believed to help strengthen the immune system, detoxify and cleanse the body.

  • Minerals are necessary for cell function and detoxification, so mineral salts have strong and rejuvenating properties. Breathing salty air is a refreshing ritual to add to your wellness routine.

Salt Cave Policies

  • No food or drink in the salt cave.
  • No shoes allowed in salt cave.
  • Please turn off all phones to prevent disturbing others.
  • You must be at least 13 years old to use the salt cave.

Experience the Pyramid Salt Cave and breathe in wellness.

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