The Pyramid Room

The Pyramid Room evolves the energy of earth.  From the stone on the walls, to the dark floor, water fountain, the copper back lights, the faux fire pit, you are surrounded by the elemental Earth energies. Cross the twelve pointed sun medallion as you enter the room and relax in a chair feeling the special energy created by the 6 foot pyramid rising up into the ceiling. Take in the beauty of the lotus mandala and then your light and sound journey begins.

The music was created specifically for the room by Navaz, it was channeled, performed and arranged by William Kelley. The music features a blend of many different world sounds and rhythms with binaural beats to create a lush listening experience.  The integration of instruments and sound effects, along with tones for deep relaxation, lead you through your light & sound journey.

Immerse yourself in this sacred space and feel your connection to self, others, the earth, and a higher power, however you may choose to define that. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and go on an hour-long journey meant to connect to the deepest parts of you. You will receive a kambaba jasper stone meant to absorb the energy of the room and your own intention to bring home as a reminder of this connection and experience. There is seating for four people.