Labyrinth Meditation Room with two chairs
Labyrinth Meditation with comfortable seating

Labyrinth Meditation

The Labyrinth Immersion Wellness Room features both an audiovisual guided journey and a moving meditation of a labyrinth walk. Settle into your swing chair, as you are guided to a healing lake connecting you to Earth & Sky and your place within each. Then in this contemplative space, move to the front of the room & walk the labyrinth to connect within. Listen to our beautiful & healing soundtrack by Navaz as you slowly follow the path of labyrinth engaging mind, body & soul.

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol relating to spiritual wholeness where symbolically heaven & earth meet. The labyrinth is a metaphor for life's journey and represents a journey to the center of your deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who you are. The purpose of labyrinth is about creativity, contemplation, imagination and choice. It is about focusing your energy, finding your center and reflecting on your life journey.

You also have the option to listen to a second guided meditation on the inHarmony vibroacoustic meditation cushion, allowing you to feel the sound as well as hear it.

A walking meditative journey of the soul