angel and crystal decor in a meditation room

Angel Room

The Angel Room evokes the celestial realm and was created as a space for tranquility, comfort and peace. Come as you are and step into this light filled space and experience a gentle and peaceful harmony. Journey with the angels in sound and images to soothe your soul and help you heal. The tranquil round chair is meant to absorb and surround you with this engulfing love, comfort and peace.

The music was specifically created for this room by Navaz and was channeled, performed and arranged by William Kelly. The soundtrack uses binaural beats for relaxation and soft sounds to balance the harshness, light to balance dark. Peace to promote wellness and love to counteract the toll of life.

This room is a wonderful space for quiet meditation and peace or for dealing with grief, trauma, loss or difficulties of life. Recline and let the sounds and images take you away to a gentle place of comfort and love. Allow yourself to “feel the wings, the wings of the angels that are around you when you feel sorrow or sadness”.  Ask and let them come to you.

You are never alone.