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Product Proposal

Thank you so much for your interest in selling your products at the Pyramid. The Pyramid’s goal is to provide high-quality wellness products to our customers. If you would like to sell your products in our Wellness Marketplace, we invite you to participate in our product review process.

1. Due to the number of proposals we receive, we thank you for understanding that we cannot have meaningful conversations about your products and their appropriateness for the Pyramid without being able to review your proposal first; that said, please do not attempt to talk with us about products without first completing these preliminary steps, and please do not just drop by. Although we want to hear about you and your work, impromptu meetings are difficult during the course of our scheduled work days. Please allow up to ten days for us to review your proposal so that we may give it adequate consideration.

2. Although we would like to carry all products, the Pyramid has to limit the products we accept based on many factors, including quality of the product, cost of the product, similarity to other products we already carry, and the amount of shelf space we have. If we are unable to accept your product now, we will hold your proposal on file in case we can offer it in the future.

3. The Pyramid gives preference to products that are unique, effective, well-made, a good value, and have professional packaging and shelf appeal.

4. Products must be related to holistic wellness.

5. The Pyramid does not carry multi-level marketing products.

For any questions about these policies, please e-mail

We look forward to reviewing your products!

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