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Q: What is the Salt Cave?

A: The salt cave is a simulated salt mine crafted of natural materials and thousands of pounds of Himalayan salt to look and feel like a European salt mine. Visitors get the benefits of the salt cave experience from the safety and comfort of our zero-gravity chairs without going to the dangerous depths of the earth.


Q: What are the benefits of the Salt Cave?

A: We make no medical claims about the Salt Cave, billing it as a relaxation chamber. However, the salt is extremely anti-inflammatory and filled with all of the minerals that the body needs. In other parts of the world, salt cave therapy (also known as speleotherapy) is used to treat a variety of medical conditions. Scientists are also studying the release of negative ions from the salt which acts as a natural detoxifier.


Q: What should I wear in the Salt Cave?

A: The cave is extremely warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We recommend loose-fitting layers so you can add or subtract them to your comfort level. Most people just wear street clothes. We ask that you remove your shoes before entering the cave. We do have blankets available in the cave because your body temperature will drop as you relax.


Q: Can I eat or drink in the Salt Cave?

A: Unfortunately, no. Please leave your food and beverages outside the cave.


Q: I am claustrophobic. Will I feel cramped?

A: Not at all! Our cave is large and spacious with high ceilings. Most people report feeling extremely comfortable in our cave.


Q: With all the sick people using the cave, do I have to worry?

A: Not at all. The salt is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory, so you should be all set.


Q: Are there other Himalayan salt caves?

A: Yes. Although our cave was the first public cave in North America using Himalayan salt, caves are popping up all over the United States because of their effectiveness. Other caves exist in Miami, Chicago, and more.


Q: What is the pricing for the Salt Cave?

A: Single sessions are $15 per person per hour treatment. We do offer a ten-session punch card, and we occasionally offer an unlimited monthly pass for one person. The entire cave can be rented for $120/hour. The Salt Cave treatment room is available for $40/hour. Reservations are always recommended although walk-ins are welcome when space exists.


Q: What should I expect for my first visit to the Salt Cave?

A: If possible, arrive between five and ten minutes before your session to get settled in, use the rest room, and finish any food or beverage. Then, you will be escorted into the cave. The cave is rather dark, and it will take your eyes a few moments to adjust, though the soft red lighting will help your eyes adjust. During your session, you can sit back in the zero-gravity chairs like a recliner. Most people experience a deep level of relaxation.


Q: When are Salt Cave sessions offered?

A: Salt Cave sessions are offered every hour on the hour. (M-F, 10 AM-7 PM, Sa-Su, 10 AM-6 PM)


Q: Can I have a massage or other wellness session in the Salt Cave?

A: Yes. We have a second Salt Cave treatment room that is available for treatments. This cave has more salt per foot than the regular Salt Cave. The regular Salt Cave is also available for couples massage. 


Q: Are there any contraindications for the Salt Cave?

A: Not really. However, because the Salt Cave is known to speed up the release of foreign substances from the body, people taking certain medications that should stay in the body might want to avoid the Salt Cave until they are done with the medication. For example, people receiving chemotherapy or who have been the recipient of an organ transplant and are on medication should wait to use the cave until they are no longer taking the medication.  


Q: What should I do after my Salt Cave session?

A: Drink lots of water, and if possible, allow yourself plenty of time to relax.